We are passionate about partnering with organisations who understand the business value of diversity, equality and inclusion to develop women and women in leadership. We work towards building workplaces that have gender parity and value individuals equally, realising the opportunity that diversity and inclusion can bring.

We know that as soon as women rise there is an almost perfect correlation to every critical metric – teams, workplaces and organisations change. This benefits everyone. We also know that the pace of change is slow and that the obstacles to gender parity are complex. We understand that collective collaboration is needed to change the systems in which we all work.

We came together with a firm belief that good work needed to be done in workplaces so that women can bring their full contribution. We recognise that most workplaces were designed for a different era and that this no longer inspires engagement.

Women have an important contribution to make, that is not being fully realised. From the way work is done, to the work that is done by women, disruption is needed.

Working towards workplaces where women (and men) can bring their best contribution has to be the way forward.

About Us

Women&Co was launched in 2021 to help build workplaces where women can bring their best and boldest contribution. We partner with organisations to catalyse action towards gender parity through being prepared to look at things from all perspectives and embark on the process of change to benefit all stakeholders.

A women founded business, Women&Co is for women at work – women starting their careers, building their careers and leading in their careers.

As our name suggests, we’re about the ‘&’


allies and partners

leaders who want to build inclusive teams

And we’re also about:

Collective Action

Our way of working

Women&Co is brought to you by a team of experienced psychologists, coaches, thought leaders and academics, we have worked with hundreds of women and leaders across Africa, UK, Europe and USA.

We partner with organisations in


We advise organisations on policies, practices and experiences to build towards gender parity, diversity and inclusion. We’ve tracked metrics from our work with hundreds of women located globally to demonstrate the value that diversity, equality and inclusion can bring; and we have built a methodology and roadmap to help organisations realise this value.


We coach women and leaders across the organisation to catalyse individual, team and workplace change. We create opportunities to invite all voices into the conversations, encouraging leaders at all levels to build inclusive practises in the ever changing world of work.


We consult with our clients to develop, design and deliver programmes that fit their environments built on our best practice Spark, Ignite and Ascend foundations.

We run three programmes ranging across the professional lifecycle:

These programmes have value in building the community that can lead inclusive conversations to shift things forward and deliver longer term, sustainable change in the organisation.
Women in their first leadership role.
Women with multiple leadership roles.