Our Value

We’re focused on building impact and value for all our partners – the women, leaders and organisation we work alongside.

How we unlock value for our clients

When we partner with organisations, our clients describe the following benefits:
Building a community of women with greater self insight, resourcefulness and impact to influence internally on stakeholders and externally on the community; with an increased focus to deliberately plan for career and leadership growth, and an understanding of the benefits of collaboration and idea formulation.

Building a community of inclusive leaders who recognise the value of diversity of thinking, different perspectives, challenge, radical disruption and building belonging so that everyone can bring their best contribution.

Building organisations that understand that retaining diverse female talent is not only good for business performance, but that this key metric also indicates working environments that attract and appeal to all employees, increasing organisational reputation and being seen as an employer of choice.

Who we work with

We work with women from a variety of backgrounds who are looking for an experience that offers individual growth and change, connection with a community, emergent thinking, thought and practice leaders and engagement of the sponsoring organisation to drive for real gender parity.

We work with leaders who seek to build their inclusive leadership practises and catalyse change in their organisations.

We work with organisations looking for a cohesive and implementable strategy to support women in their careers, to develop their leaders and to guide their practises as they build inclusive workplaces.

Our Team

Elaine Seale McKend

Elaine Seale McKend

I came from a background in performance sport before stepping into the world of people management. My world was dominated by leaders who set the agenda for organisations often with unseen consequences that sidelined women in the world of work. Getting to senior leadership was a battle and often required non-disclosure of children, the difficulty of juggling home and work life and how unfair discrimination held women back. I determined then to think about how I could support young females in the organisation to navigate around some of the things I had experienced. Specifically being purposeful in my career, managing perceptions and becoming more savvy both commercially and politically. I am delighted to bring my deep expertise as a consultant and coach across blue chip organisations, business schools and high growth ventures to Women&Co.

Kerrin Miller

Kerrin Miller

Looking back to the generations of independent, working women in my family, and their strong partnerships with supportive men, its no surprise that I was raised to believe in gender parity. With a career spanning close on 30 years in people, leadership, change and culture, I have often been the only woman in a senior team. I understand the biases and barriers women face in their careers; and the types of workplaces and leaders who enable women to bring their best. With academic research and publications in ‘the meaning of work to women’, this is a topic close to my heart. As a working mother, I understand the exhaustion and the juggle it takes. I also know that my teenage daughters deserve the kind of workplaces (and world) that Women & Co aspires to build. I am passionate about bringing my contribution as an organisational and business psychologist to Women&Co.